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Ball Race Speedruns Opening Event

The first Ball Race Speedrun event is now open to celebrate the opening of this community, we hope the best for the future of this community and Tower Unite.

This event will go from the 22/02/2018 up until the 29/02/2018 +10 GMT. Nimbus is one of the easiest maps to speedrun and allows all members of the community to have the best chance of coming first in the end. I wish everyone luck on coming first in this event.

Welcome Video


Welcome to the Ball Racer speed run page where users may compete with one another to become the fastest. Ball Racers is a game mode found in the game "Tower Unite" which features a diverse selection of mini-games. Ball Racer speed runs have existed in the community of Tower Unite, ever since the game mode has been released an in-game timer has been used for bragging rights as well as competition for who could complete levels the quickest. This site was created to further push competition between players and a home for where scores can be published for the community to see. Although this has already been put into practice at other sites, none of these are centralised around Tower Unite and display these records as just another game. "Tower Unite Ball Race Speedruns" aims to create events for those who speed run the event by offering them rewards for participation and add more focus towards a forgotten community event that was loved so much back in Gmod Tower. All players are welcome to try their best to reach 1st place. More information will come soon so keep this page bookmarked as more events and modes are added to further expand the ball race speed run community.


"Tower Unite Ball Race Speedruns" will also host community events that will give players more of a reason to participate in these races. Weekly tournaments will be held to find out who will be the fastest speed runner of that week on a certain map. These maps will be randomised every event to keep it fresh and could possibly incorporate some extra rules. Players who achieve certain rankings during these events will also be rewarded for their speed in completing the map. Transfer of units is easy to do and is possible, more information on this can be found in the Q/A page if you are interested.